About My Blog

In the posts to come, I’m going to mainly give you my review of the course I played, maybe how to play the course a little bit better and what I thought about the course, facilities and staff. Some posts may be on thoughts and reflections of a past time pertaining to the game of golf. In any regard, I hope you enjoy what you read and share if you would be so kind with your friends and family.

My love of the game of golf was given to me by my father. As a kid growing up in Chicago, my dad and I would play as much golf as we could during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Some time just the two of us. Sometimes with my mom. Some times with my mom and my wife. Mostly I played the game with my dad because it was something I could share with him. He was my father, but he was also my best friend.

I lost my dad in 1994 and strayed from the game that we loved playing together. Some of it due to the fact that I just couldn’t get my head around playing without my favorite golf buddy, some of it due to an injury of my left shoulder. In the last few years I started playing again because that is when and where I feel most closest to him, on the golf course. I couldn’t put into words how much I love him and miss him and I know he would of never wanted me to abandon the game we loved so much. I can feel his presence whether I’m in the tee box or on the green. I can hear his yippie when one of us would sink a 25 foot putt. I can hear him say “you belted the cover off that one pal” when I’d hit a good tee shot.

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One last thing before I move on. This sums up my fathers attitude in life perfectly;

When I leave you don’t weep for me. Pass the wine around and remember how my laughing pleased you. Look at one another and smile and don’t forget about touching. Sing the songs the I loved the best and dance one time all together.  As for me, I’ll be off golfing on a heavenly course and I’ll fly to the top of the tree I always meant to climb. When your ready I’ll be there waiting for you. Take your time.