A Sons Wish for Fathers Day

Posted on June 13, 2012


I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent. You see, I don’t have children I can call my own. They say your kids turn out to be 10 time worse than the way you were. Well, if that is true I just saved the tax payers of Illinois thousands of dollars.

How the heck did you do it for so long? You got up everyday, went to work (sometimes open to close), never complained, and in those adolescent years all I did was take advantage of your generosity and kindness. I would have killed me if I was you! Or at the least thrown me out. The saying goes, “I tested the waters”. Well, not only did I test them I did every experiment known to man kind! I never got the chance to tell you how sorry I was for the embarrassment and pain I caused you. “I’m sorry dad”. I only wish I could have told you in person.

Fathers Day is here and I encourage all of you who play golf to go make that tee time with your father. Your time here is short, you need to make the best of it. Take the man who has sacrificed so you can have a better life. So you can get an education. Who took you on vacations that really couldn’t afford too sometimes just so you could experience something new. The guy that put food on your table and cloths on your back. Doesn’t he deserve one day of your gratitude? Give him one day of your undivided attention. He’ll be even more proud that your his son or daughter.

It’s only human that we tend to take people (especially our parents) for granted. We think they’ll be with us forever. As children we don’t see the sacrifices they make for us. We don’t see the things they went without so we as kids didn’t want for anything. As adults, and some of you with children of your own, now realize what they went through just to provide for us.

Don’t let another Fathers Day go by and not show your dad the appreciation he deserves. Your going to wake up one day and it’s going to be to late. Trust me on this. All the things that could have been said, all the fun that could have been shared, slips away because you were to cool or to stubborn to tell him how much he meant to you.

I wish everyday that I could just play Old Wayne Golf Course, riding side by side with my dad up to the first tee just one more time. I wish I could hear those words just one more time, “keep your head down pal and swing within yourself”. I wish I could see just one more time, him sink that putt on the 18th hole to beat his best score by one stroke.

Take your dad golfing this Fathers Day and build those memories of a lifetime. As you get older you’ll be glad you did and so will he.