St. Andrews Golf and Country Club Review

Posted on June 11, 2012


Yesterday my neighbor, Pablo and I, and a friend of his, Carlos went and played St. Andrews in West Chicago. Conditions where extremely hot and very dry. The last time I played this course had to be in 1984 or ’85. My father and I played here in an outing.

When you drive through the entrance here, you can’t but help to feel you’ve stepped back  in time. Not that its rundown. Quite the contrary for it’s age. It’s just that I’ve lived in Chicago all my life and I know it’s been here a long time. Around since 1926, you know there is all kinds of history to this track. I wonder if Al Capone or Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo played here? I’d have to say they have, though I can’t find any documentation that validates my curiosity.

With two different 18 hole championship courses to choose from, you’ll golf a course rich in history and just fun to play. Our adventure took us to the St. Andrews course, teeing it up from the blue tee’s with a rating of 71.8 and a slope of 124. The other choice is the Joe Jemsek course. Yes. The Joe Jemsek of Cog Hill. You won’t find an over abundant amount of water on this course, but you will find a lot of trees and some narrow fairways. Well placed tee shots are the key to scoring well on this course. From the blue tee’s you’ll find yourself using your mid irons for a second shot into the greens. Particularly on the back nine. Playing the par 3’s is going to test your accuracy with your long irons. The shortest par 3 on the course is #15 playing 173 yards. The longest is #12 measuring a staggering 237 yards. With greens that are tiered, your challenge is going to be a well placed shot to the correct level of the green. Once on the green I don’t think you are going to find a straight line putt with all the contours and undulations. The finishing hole is just a fun, pretty, par 4 dogleg right around a lake.

The pro shop is home to Nick from which I understand has been around for 25 years. We started chatting as I was paying for my shirt and hat that I purchased and found out he knew quite a few of the old timers that I remember from years ago. If you’ve been around Chicago for any length of time you’ll remember the name “Slicker Sam”. Once owner of the famed Slick Sam’s in Melrose Park and in his time, one of the premier cash players in Chicago.  Prices in the pro shop are nominal with a cap costing me $20 and a nice St. Andrews shirt setting me back $65.

Wherever you may live in the Chicagoland area, you have to come out and play St. Andrews. If nothing else for the nostalgia alone. Our round was a little slow at 4 1/2 hours. But fun and challenging is where I’ll leave this review for now. VMS6AJTBQTDS

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