GPS vs. Laser Golf Range Finders

Posted on June 9, 2012


I’m think about getting a new range finder. Right now I’m using the Golf Buddy Pro. I like it for it’s ease of use and the fact that there is no yearly “membership” to pay.

The only reason I am thinking about up grading is because I’m a stickler for my stats. Right now I have a spread sheet (anal I know) with all of my stats I keep tract of during my round of play. Greens In Regulation, fairways hit, second fairways hit on par 5’s, number of putts, greenies, up’s and down’s. If your a fanatic like I am you get the picture.

I’m considering the Sky Caddie SGX  for $299.98 or the Sky Caddie SGXw, for $358.98. With a yearly subscription starting at $59 I’m wondering if the convenience of being able to plug those numbers in after a round of golf is worth it? Plus the yearly subscription must be paid for the unit to even work which I’m not crazy about. With the Sky Caddie I’ll be able to visit the website and go through my stats. No longer will I have to come home and input those numbers and statistics manually and then build a pie chart or graph on my computer.

I’ve used an app on my iphone called Executive Caddie Pro (free), but I’ve found that the GPS can be off by as much as 10-15 yards on any given hole. It allows me to keep tract of the stats I keep and go back to the website to check them which is a nice feature.

A couple of my golfing buddies have the Callaway LR550 Range Finder by Nikon which retails for $229.98. They love the point and shoot feature but I like the convenience being able to measure how far I hit a particular club with my Golf Buddy. With one of these I would be doing what I have to do now and keep every statistic manually. I’ll most likely stay away from the laser range finders just for this reason.

So, do I spend the money for a new golf GPS and it’s conveniences, or do I just keep doing what I’m doing manually? I’d love to hear some comments on what all you golfers are using, why you like it, and what you would recommend in the comments below.

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