Village Greens of Woodridge

Posted on June 4, 2012


I guess it would be fitting that my first post start with my home course of Village Greens of Woodridge IL.

Located in the west suburbs of Chicago. Village Greens is at 355 and 75th Street. Easy to get to from all IL. freeways and tollways.

A modest clubhouse greets you as you pull into the facility. It’s a no frills clubhouse with a limited selection on shirts, but they have plenty of balls, tee’s, hats and a friendly staff ready and eager to help. Being a Park District golf facility they prove a great value for the residents of Woodridge. Exactly what they known. Non-resident fees you can escape for less than $60 on the weekends and less than $50 on the week days. That’s 18 holes with a cart.

The course is always in well maintained shape and not as crowded as you’ll find at other courses in the Chicagoland area. I enjoy the course for it’s layout. It’s also a very easy to walk layout if you like to get your exercise in while you play.

Playing from the blues tee’s measures 6638 yards with a rating of 71.2 and 121 slope. The white tee’s measure 6290 yards and a rating of 69.6 and a slope of 117. Not the most difficult of courses but just a nice track to play a stress free round of golf. Don’t we all enjoy that from time to time?

The dog leg right hole #1 is a par 4 reachable in one for you big hitters willing to gamble and go over the tree’s on the right. For the rest of us it’s a put it in the fairway, 8 or 9 iron in, putt and move on kind of hole.

#2 is a par 5 reachable in two.

#3 is a par 4 to an elevated green. Take enough club on your second shot!

#4 is a straight forward par 3.

#5 is a par 4. Left and long and your in the hidden pond. Aim right on the fairway and let it feed down the hill.

#6 is a severe dog leg right par 5 also reachable in two. For you big hitters out there don’t be to long or your going through the fairway and end up in the hidden pond. The ideal shot is over the bunker on the right with a second shot into a small green so be accurate!

#7 is the longest par 3 on the course at just over 200 yards from the back tee’s.

#8 is a slight dog leg right par 4

#9 is a par 4. For your second shot your going to want to be below the hole.

#10 is a slight dog leg right. On your tee shot don’t be to far right or your going to end up wet!

#11 is a slight dog leg left to a sunken green par 5 reachable in two. Another be below the hole situation on your shot to the green.

#12 is a dog leg right par 4. Right and your in the tree’s and to long off the tee and your in another hidden pond. The ideal tee shot is over the trap on the right.

#13 is a shot par 3.

#14 is a par 4 with water right. Go left and your buying someone a new window.

#15 is a par 4 with water right.

#16 is a short par 4. Long and left off the tee finds you in yet another hidden pond.

#17 is a par 3 to a pretty large green. There is more room between the bunker on the right and the green so be aware.

#18 is a par 5 over water reachable in two. The ideal shot is over the bunker on the left which sets you up for a second shot into a sand guarded green.

I hope the course description helps your play at my home course.

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